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The Flat Lay co. make up bag. Our first drawstring make up bag that allows you to see everything at once, and doubles as a cosmetic mat to protect your stuff from gross counter tops/floors/bus seats. Pretty cool, huh?


Keep Organised

There are two large outer pockets for big stuff like hair ties and period things, as well as a zippered pocket inside to keep your jewellery safe. You can also keep your brushes in check with the 4 elastic brush holders.

No More Rummaging

With the Flat Lay co. make up bag, you will find yourself saving minutes every morning. No more do you have to feel around at the bottom of your bag to try to find your favourite eyeliner- everything is easy to see all at once!

Ready in seconds

Our favourite thing about the Flay Lay bag is that you can be super organised in the messiest way... Throw all of your stuff into the bag, pull the drawstring and be ready to go in seconds! When you need to top up your make up at work, you can lay it out next to the sink quickly, or even just open it halfway if you don't have much space.



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